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Summer Time

Summer has officially arrived. Finally, we have hot weather, the thundering rain has stopped and flowers are striving to burst forth in a flood of colour.

It is hard to believe that only a few days ago we were shivering in a cold wind with rain lashing down. All these light evenings and we couldn’t get out to enjoy them.

Now we find ourselves calling out for sun cream. Ours was used a few weeks ago when we hoped summer had landed. A distant memory much as the location of the sun cream. It is nowhere to be found. A new bottle has been purchased. Sun protection can now be liberally applied, hats firmly placed on heads and we are ready to enjoy this glorious month.

Hopefully, this good weather will encourage people to walk and cycle or at least use modes of transport that don’t wreck the environment. Yesterday was World Environment Day, let us hope some of us noticed and did something positive about it.

In our little corner, seedlings are growing and more garden waste is slowly maturing into rich compost. I love the way we can grow our own ground. We can make new earth how magical is that?

Although I have to wonder where does all that new compost go? Each year we dump a load of our homemade ground in the garden and each year it just disappears. Why aren’t our ground levels in the garden increasing? It will be all those hungry worms mixing it in I expect.

I can hardly believe we are so close to the summer solstice already. The Scottish school term comes to an end this month. I’ve already done my last Bookbug for this school year in one library.

I’ve got a few more Bookbugs and visits to make before I can truly say I am on holiday but when the sun is out, the sky is blue and smiles are all around it feels like I could be there now.

Have I booked my holidays yet? Well of course not. After all, summer seemed a long way off a few months ago. Perhaps I am spoiled by where we live. You can’t beat this area if the sun is shining. You don’t need to go far from home to feel you are on holiday.

I know I will have to get my head down and carry on with the edits for Blàs three sunshine or not. When the wind is coming from the north and the rain is relentless it is easy to close the door and get down to work. This is not so simple to do when the weather is tempting me outside. The garden is crying out for attention after being blown around and flattened by the rain.

Balance is crucial. A wee bit of gardening and a lot of editing is what is needed. Summer for me means I have to focus on my writing. This is when I have less interruption from other work. I will take some time off though. Everyone needs to do that at some point.

For now, I will enjoy the long light evenings. I will bask like a seal in the hot sunshine and enjoy the colourful displays the plants produce.

This year we all should be able to meet up, share picnics, and enjoy each other’s company. I’m hoping we have one of those long hot summers that allow us all to congregate outside in the warmth of friendship as well as the sun.

June always brings joy and hope. The fact that it is hot adds to the summer feeling. Time for a light book, a cool drink, and some relaxation on these bonnie long summer nights.

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