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Review "CC Hutton gives us a remarkable, and wonderfully comic, insight into the best of the Scottish Highlands."



and uplifting'


'Excellent read'

'humour is

never far away'

BlasRootsInTheSoil_ebook_Cover_V1 (1).jpg

'charming and fun'

'a feel good read'

'full of community warmth' 

                                                                             All available from your local bookstores

Blàs of the Highlands                                              Blàs Roots in the Soil                                        Blas Across the Machair

ISBN 978-0-9932540-5-5                                         ISBN 978-0-9932540-9-3                                   ISBN 978-1-7399745-2-7

Blàs of the Highlands


'A gentle ride through the Highland year sure to charm anyone with a taste for quirky, idiosyncratic human stories...''

'I REALLY enjoyed reading Blas with its gentle stories of a close-knit community and enough reality to bring it to life.

Friendship and a sense of community are absolutely believable and accurately portray that sense of belonging that is missing from so many parts of our lives.'

Blàs Roots in the Soil



"when a magical local woodland is threatened the villagers join forces to protect it, as they have their local school, housing, and all the vital components of a very special way of life. In this novel, C C Hutton gives us a remarkable and wonderful comic insight into the best of the Scottish Highlands."

Blas Across the Machair


As colourful as the Machair that surrounds it.

Escape once more to the Scottish Highlands as Stroma and her quirky community continue to fight for their way of life.

With its rich setting and lovable characters, this is a captivating story of friendship, fun, and the resilience of Highland life.

Come along on this latest heart-warming tale of Blàs and discover the true meaning of belonging

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