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Author and Story telling visits

  • Who are they for?

Pre-schools, Primary School, Festivals and others

  • Who would enjoy them?

Children, Children and Adults, Adults

  • What sort of visit can I do?

Workshops,  storytelling, author visits, part of a panel or Chairperson.

  • Are all my visits through the medium of Gaelic?

I can do Gàidhlig only, English/Gàidhlig or English only.


Some more information

I have done many workshops over the years for pre-school, early primary and festivals as well as my monthly Bookbug sessions. Author and storytelling visits can be in Gàidhlig or a combination of Gàidhlig/English depending on needs and situation.  I can now offer virtual visits. As part of the Scottish Books Trust Live Literacy, you may be able to access funding for a visit from me. Note you have to plan well in advance to access this funding.

What I can offer               Storytelling         Gàidhlig Book visits         English Book Visits                Combination

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