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New Book, New Puppet

Grumpa has kicked off his wellies in excitement. We’ve just had word that his next book has got the got ahead for publication.

So what remains of the summer will be spent getting everything ready to complete the story. Just in time for some sunshine and heat, I will be melting my fingertips again with my glue gun. It’s not that I want to erase my fingerprints only the last time I made a Grumpa puppet I think I burnt every one of them off.

Whatever I feel about the glue gun Grumpa will be getting a wee puppet ‘doppelganger’. I don’t mean that to sound creepy but given the theme of the book, I don’t have much choice.

To be honest I need to make a few adjustments anyway but for a first attempt, the original puppet way outshone my expectation. It was a case of first-time luck. Now I have to make a new Grumpa and then trail the charity shops again for the correct outfit for this new puppet.

I wonder what the chances are of finding a small red pair of leggings, a red jacket or jumper, and a thick red bobble hat. Everything I need would fit a very young child and also a grumpy old man puppet as it turns out. Even if I can find everything I’ll probably have to add trimmings to the jacket at least.

The new and hopefully improved Grumpa can however borrow his counterpart's blue wellies. These were the only pieces of clothing I had to buy new for the original puppet. I expect young bairns wear out their wellies making them unsuitable to sell second-hand. I certainly couldn’t find any to fit Grumpa that didn’t have a dinosaur or some T.V. character splashed all over them. Plain blue wellies in the right shade were very difficult to come by even brand new.

Grumpa’s main addition though will be the inclusion of a beard. I’m pretty sure I can handle that. I’ve also been saving the plastic tops from a certain brand of ice cream to use for his knobbly knees. I’m hoping that will work. If not I shall revert to what I used the last time, if I can remember what that was.

The original puppet will still be used however as this new version will only see the light of day ironically in the dark days of winter. As soon as the New Year is in he will be retired until the following year. This is more to do with his clothing which is also part of his body so once he is suited up that is him stuck forever dressed like that.

I wonder if I should make a third version for my everyday use once I see how the new improvements work. Perhaps I should keep the beard on him, he looks quite dapper with it. Only then I would have to ask the illustrator to include a beard on any new stories from now on.

I am going to be so busy over the next few weeks but that is to be celebrated. I’m so excited about this new story. I think it is the best yet and I am sure the illustrations will be amazing once they are finished as well.

I may post some of my pictures to show how he is coming along. Once I have unglued the tops of fingers that is.

I will be focusing on other things over the next few weeks so may not blog as often. I’m hoping to still take photos though. Whatever you are doing for the next wee while I hope you have some summer fun, find time to relax, read a book, write a review, and drink something cool.

Have a great summer.

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