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Book Titles

Still editing but I need to finalise the book title. I can’t keep saying Blàs of the Highlands three. Naming the book will help my motivation.

Part of the problem is that I know I have a decent timescale to get my edits in. For me, it would appear it means more avoidance time. The fact that I am catching up on so much work tells me I ought to be focussing more on Blàs three.

I need a tight schedule to help my focus. Time is dripping by like a leaking tap, not that noticeable until it starts flooding past. I’m stuck in neap tide where nothing much is changing.

Writing is often a case of ebb and flow. Bashing out the storyline then rewriting and thinking it through in a more coherent way. I know where I am going but not too sure how I will get there.

I’m not one of those writers that have the whole thing planned out. I can’t seem to work that way. This freedom allows me to develop the story as I go along often taking me down avenues I hadn’t considered.

Blàs Roots in the Soil ended up incorporating trees, traditions, and culture within the original story. I had not planned that at the outset but that is how it evolved. I had forgotten many of our traditions associated with trees until I started the actual writing process.

Blas three revolves around the sea and the sand. A harvest of plot lines and culture related to our relationship with our coastline. Of course, the main focus as always is on the quirky characters that make up the Blàs community but the water and the beach play an important part in the story.

Research isn’t always done miles from home or stuck in a room with a computer for company. I find it amazing to think that others have to drive half a day and more to find even one beach

Luckily for me, I live near many bonnie beaches. Some are strewn with rocky outlets that allow you to dive into the freezing clear water. Others have an abundance of stones in all shapes and sizes which makes it difficult to walk. Then there are the beaches with miles of golden sand surrounded by wild dunes. Some of our shorelines are best visited on a clear winter’s night so you can watch in awe at the aurora borealis overhead.

I have three titles that have been swirling around in my mind for Blàs three. I need to pick one and focus on that. The format has to follow that of the two previous books. Blàs of the Highlands and Blàs Roots in the Soil. My choices so far are;

Blàs of Sea and Sand

Blàs Ebb and Flow

Blàs Tidal Harvest

Many books out there have the same or similar titles which is not unusual in the book world. My first two options are already used but without the Blàs at the beginning. Titles cannot be copied righted so I could still use them especially as I would have Blàs at the beginning. Then again should it be my third choice by default, Blàs Tidal Harvest? However, by the time this third in the series comes out there could well be another book of a similar name. This leads me right back to simply choosing the one I like best.

Do you have a favourite? Would any of these titles make you want to read the book more? Or would you read it anyway as you enjoyed the first two? I’d be happy to hear anyone's thoughts on my options.

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