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From the first minute the schools said they would close teachers, authors and many others have been putting up help, resources and information to help parents and pupils. I have been sharing these on my Facebook page Ceitidh Hutton Author. You can access the links there. Below is a list of site that can help for adult learners, pupils and parents. Audio is so important so try and listen to Radio nan Gael as much as possible and listen and watch BBC Alba to keep your ear tuned in. Nobody needs an excuse to listen to Gaelic songs and music so why not get that music on now.

Gàidhlig gu leòr have put together a list of where to find Gaelic resources under headings; General, Secondary, General Primary, Gaelic Pronunciation, Gaelic Grammar, Reading, Songs. You will find their link on my Ceitidh Hutton Author Facebook page (as I don’t know how to do it here).

Other useful links are;

Duo Lingo>alba

Most have access to audio or can send you to sites where you can find some. Not forgetting of course using technology to have a little conversation with Gaelic speakers. Hope this helps a little.

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