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Raspberry Robin

I have too many pictures of various trees on my thread so was determined not to post another one quite so soon. I nearly made it but them my Robin (as I like to think of it) landed right there beside me on the Wild Raspberry Bush. One of the few times I actually had a camera to hand. Although my raspberry bush is taller than most of the trees in my garden; technically it isn’t a tree so I’ve fooled myself in to thinking I can get away with it. Most springs it is festooned with long trailing sprigs of deep red to lighter coloured flowers that flow down creating a giant pink waterfall. I love it. So does my Robin and all the other small birds that hide in it waiting to grab some food from the feeder near by. Finches of every kind including, bullfinch, goldfinch, chaffinch and greenfinch. Little yellow siskins, blue and great Tits and flocks of squabbling sparrows all land in the raspberry bush to hide and chirp. None of them take much notice of me, apart from my robin. He follows me about the garden and lands on the flat feeder right beside me. I don’t know why he chooses to interact with me while other birds appear to ignore my presence but I do know that I feel chosen and special that he does. Nature can have that affect on us. We all at times have a need to feel connected with the birds, animals and trees (of course) around us. They have that ability to both amaze and feed us with wonder and they don’t even know or care. Well apart from my robin of course.

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