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Oh Tidings of comfort and..?

Well did Santa come for a pre-Christmas visit? Yes he did. The snowman theme blared outside, red and blue flashing lights shone through the window and up he popped along with his Elf.

Considering there was only one child in this street all the adults that could appeared outside to greet him. His elf even wandered up to a window, knocked and threw in a little gift to the elderly lady inside wishing her a Merry Christmas.

Who needs a child when you an 89 year old woman staying with you? Delight shone from her face as bright as any youngster could have managed.

The benefits of living in a rural area with a great community can be as amazing at times if a little claustrophobic at others. On balance though the positives far outweigh the drawn backs. This year it has tipped even more towards the rural life style.

So then my thoughts scattered as they often do to consider how the residents of my fictional Blàs would have reacted to this strangest of Christmases?

Auntie Lottie and Paul I have no doubt would have spent some time in the local pub. It that hadn’t been allowed, I can rest assured they would have found a nice malt and a cosy fire and hunkered down for the season.

Maureen would have probably dressed up as an elf and scooted behind Santa in her wheelchair. Following his cavalcade throughout the village, passing out presents to the young and picking up on any local gossip from the adults. A sort of legitimate news round collection.

What of Old Tam and Shep? Well he would definitely be having a dram that is for sure but where would he be? I can’t somehow envisage him standing outside cheering on Father Christmas. I think perhaps he would have tried to look as though he just happened to be about as the Christmas visitors blazed past. I’m sure he also would have gifted Maureen a relevant piece of news to spread about.

Ellen of course would have baked some cakes and handed them out to Santa and his helpers as they finished their deliveries. Hot chocolate, topped with cream and marshmallow, thick and sweet no doubt, would have been on the menu too.

As for our narrator Stroma, well she would have been on tender-hooks wondering if her little sister would actually make it home this year. Would Iona even be allowed to travel or would that be the perfect excuse not to come home at all?

The other residents I am sure would make the most of the festive season even with fewer people able to return home. I’m sure most would be hoping for a heavy downpour of snow. Why not? If no one would be able to travel back home then it wouldn’t matter if roads were blocked and impassable. At least it would help to lift the Christmas cheer. Everything would be blanketed under a soft covering of white that would dazzle everyone with its brightness. It would mix with the joy from the children who infections laughter would be heard in the air.

Just as everyone would have given up on Iona heralding in Christmas with her return, she would appear. Wet with melted snow no doubt safely tucked up inside the local snow plough. Delivered like the last Christmas gift to her family and friends eager arms.

But that is just fiction or is it? We can only wait and see what Christmas Eve does bring. Myself, what can I wish for you all? For staying with me and buying my books and reading my blogs; for your encouragement and lovely comments, I wish you all a safe Christmas, a healthy Christmas, an unusual Christmas and even a white Christmas. Mostly though, I wish you hope for the future. Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ùr.

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