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My View is returning!

Do you remember that view I was starting to lose a few months ago? It is slowing creeping back. Although after yesterday perhaps slowly is the wrong word. Howling back would be more appropriate. Leaves have been swirling around and about the garden after being ripped off the trees. Bundles of wet gold and russet are now clustered around the garden. Rammed there by the wind. Well until the dog and any passing feet mush them up. Then I will be left with a dirty muddy mess where once golden colours shone.

‘Bag them, get the lawn mower out that will break them up quicker for leaf mould’ Yes very true however, I quite liked gently sweeping up the leaves as I listened to the bird song; the greenery underneath slowly uncovering again. A fresh earthy clean smell surrounding me, a reminder that we are all part of nature.

After this autumnal job a well-earned hot cup of tea is next, before bagging up the leaves to breakdown at their leisure. Of course this only works if no young children are close by otherwise they are likely to throw themselves into the heaps with relish. Jumping up to twirl around and around whilst cascading leaves of yellow, orange and red from their fingertips, in their own carefree autumn dance. A joyful sight as we slowly slip towards another season.

For the new few months the trees will be silhouetted against grey, dark or brilliant blue sky. I suspect we could be in for a cold winter. Temperatures were not exactly high even in summer. The nice thing about cold dry winters is that we can wrap up, huddle down and stay warm. If it snows, the long nights never really feel totally dark as when the moon rises it produces that special illuminating glow as it combines with the snow. The heavens will sparkle as the Milky Way shimmers and shines overhead and we are engulfed in a big sky. The aurora borealis will streak across the atmosphere dropping search light spots overhead. Waves of colour and twinkling lights will dance above, dragging the eye upwards towards this spectacular sight. I don’t dread winter when it is open to all these amazing things.

However if it is warmer, we will be left with damp grey penetrating cold. Everything then becomes just a little harder and more miserable. The nights without the white frost and brilliant bright snow will feel dark and very long. By January, after all the celebrations are past we will crave the brightness. Not only the light of the sun but I believe the colour blue. I honestly think we as humans need blue in our lives. It is part of sky, our oceans and our seas. I understand we need sun for things like vitamin D. We Scot’s can lack this during the winter months. But really I think we also lack seeing blue in its many forms. If the sky is red everything appears pink and conversely feels warmer and somehow homely. But if the sky is blue the sun shines as bright as our smiles.

I have to admit to enjoying each season as it comes and normally feel when the changes are due I am just about ready to move on and revel in what they will bring. The carpet of multi-coloured leaves, red and brown fungi and splashes of ever present green are a joy to behold right now. Especially if the sun is bearing down and the sky is clear and cobalt. Nothing can beat it. However, when winter seeps through which it will soon, I will embrace that with equal fondness.

My view, as it further clears will allow me to appreciate whatever the seasons bring. I look forward to some truly amazing bonnie days in this incredibly beautiful part of the world, here in the region they now call the North Coast 500.

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