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Love is in the Air

Everywhere I look there are pictures of red roses and chocolates. What happened to all the poems and writings that used to dominate the day? Cadbury’s have a lot to answer for.

Apparently celebrating in one way or another on this day may have originated from Pagan times. Like many of today's festivals, it was taken over by whoever won the battles of the era.

February 14th's first link to romance (rather than fertility) can be attributed to the poet and writer Geoffrey Chaucer in the fourteenth century.

Food and chocolate seem to have taken over from the lacy cards and heartfelt words so prevalent in Victorian times. Now it is not that I don’t like chocolate but wouldn’t it be nice if writing and poetry once more took over. For a start, there would be no dishes to wash or menus to consider and less pressure to produce that perfect evening. A few well-chosen words and we would be all set.

You may have noticed that I have shied away from the ‘my love is like a red red rose’ Robert Burns, to the more flashy snowdrop. I’ve always considered the thorn of a rose to be very prickly and probably best avoided. Snowdrops, however, fight their way out of the ground even when it is deep with snow. They burst forth with brilliance and the promise of spring to come.

However, they don’t last long. For all their glowing white and some would say false promises of warmer weather they quickly fade. Perhaps they should be more considered for a brief romantic affair.

I hope no one feels the disappointment of not receiving a card today. My heart goes out to those that wait in hope. It appears that more often it is couples that have been together for a long time rather than secret admirers who receive gifts or mark this day.

I have no idea how a poem lovingly written and sent to someone would even be received in this day and age. Perhaps the recipient would find it creepy or even weird that someone would do this. If you were receiving unwanted attention from someone a love letter would be the last thing you wanted.

Things have changed in the way words are used and spoken. Thankfully also in the way women are expected to behave. We no longer have to swoon or look for that card. We can be brave and strong and survive without the need of a lover.

We all need to be loved though. Be it from our pets or our family our partners or our children, everyone needs to be loved by someone. Nothing can beat that feeling of mushiness when you meet up again with someone you love for the first time in ages. Who can keep that smile off their face when suddenly children or grandchildren run towards you with outstretched arms?

The shared joy when a dog welcomes you home after hours away or even after a brief absence from your side is priceless. Their tails wag as their whole bodies tell you how much they have missed and love you. Love me back their wriggling yells as they roll on their side for a belly rub or cuddle into your legs.

Whether you receive a card or a bunch of flowers, whether you go for a meal or make one yourself or indeed, find yourself munching on chocolate; I hope this Valentine’s Day allows you to spend it with that someone or something that you love and who loves you in return.

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