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Losing My View....?

My view, my lovely view is disappearing little by little. It’s not some new concrete monstrosity that is taking it away or new building that has won planning consent to blame. No my thief is more of a natural kind. As sure as each day becomes longer, my view becomes ever shorter. I know spring has sprung and all that; I even saw my first duckling. I’m trying not to consider why there is only one of these tiny wee fluffy creatures swimming between its parents. I slam the door shut on that thought and move ever forward towards summer. We’ve even had our first heat wave (I hope that wasn’t our summer in April again). Leaves are creeping out of the branches. Tulips are mooching together in my back garden, daffies have had their fun and are now falling over themselves to slip back to sleep for another year. Yet the gorse still blooms full and strong. Yellow has not quite given way to the green of summer yet. Lime green has established itself for its’ short run. Oh yes we have lime green trees in in Scotland. It is not often mentioned as part of the North Coast 500 colour scheme or even a colour scheme of Scotland in general; yellow of the gorse and purple of the heather but not lime green of the spring. Yet now when I gaze out of my window or ponder on my walks the trees are almost luminous lime green when the sun shines on them. It is very short lived. Even as I write this I am watching it fade along with my view. The reason of course is the trees, the life givers of the planet in their wondrous variety. Big, tall, small, covered in different textured bark and pink and white blossom. I love trees. Perhaps then I am not losing my view, merely swapping one amazing site for another. At least until autumn creeps back in.

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