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The Arts and I refuse to discuss ‘highbrow’ ‘low brow’ or even furrowed brow, is a very personal thing. Even within the many disciplines there are huge variations. If you get some comfort, escapism, or it fills your soul then what more can you ask?

Creativity in its various forms has helped many people cope during times when we couldn’t get out, meet up with others or find ourselves isolated. Putting pen to paper, or even fingers to keys boards has kept many from despair. The work that is produced is then devoured through our senses and processed through our emotions. The ability to smell, to taste, to see, to hear, to touch; all these creations enriches and emboldens our wellbeing and our very existence. So as a writer what more could we ask for, surely this ability to enhance people’s lives is enough?

Well a living wage would be good. Or indeed a wage at all. Unfortunately for many writers this year their income has dropped or disappeared completely. So once more I am taking time to highlight through my involvement with the Society of Authors in Scotland (SoAis), the fund being administered through the Society of Authors from Creative Scotland, to help writers of all descriptions in Scotland.

Now there are many writers out there that are reluctant to come forward or indeed shy to voice they write for a living. But if you write this fund could help you. You don’t have to be a writer of books. You could write material for stand stand up comic’s, poets or the spoken word, artists, authors, playwrights or indeed storytellers can all apply. If your income has been adversely affected then please put in a claim.

The process is fairly easy. Just fill in an application form. There are people out there that can help you. And as much as you may need us right now, remember that we, the public need you.

Even in the darkest time, through flood, famine, wars and poverty great works of art are still created. It doesn’t stop being developed. Human beings need art to exist. It is not an extra need, it is a basic need. You can have food on the table and shelter overhead but that does not mean you will survive. How many die in despair who have just that. Lifting your spirits cannot be done by bread alone. But this is not an argument for the ‘starving artist’ this is an argument for feeding that artist.

Where would we be without laughter? How many times in our lives through the mere power of laughter have we found that we can cope with the various stresses in lives? How often have we been lifted up by a stranger as we both smile at a shared joke?

Where would be without the power of the poet? In times of great hurt how often do we find solace in words written down by strangers? How moved have we felt by this look into a poet’s soul that in turn has helped our understanding of what has befallen us? Or indeed shared in the joy of life, love and happiness.

How often have we been fortunate enough to see and hear a play that has moved us to tears or had us laughing in the aisles? Or come across street theatre and stood fascinated by the performance before us. They often allow us to question what we feel and help challenge our perceptions of the ‘truth’.

Have you ever sat in the cold, smelt the woods and listened spellbound to the storyteller highlighted in fire light? Or watched bairns enthralled as the storyteller weaves their charms around their audience; magical.

All this requires someone to be inspired, to create and develop these works. To write. Very few of these writers earn vast amounts of money. Many in fact just about manage to put that loaf of bread on the table.

Now we can help them a little. So if you know anyone or if you yourself are one of those creative people that feed our souls and keep us whole then please apply for this fund or get them to apply themselves. You can find more information in the PDF attached.

Calling All Freelancers - Hardship Info
Download • 114KB

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