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Gorse from my window

What to do on the North Coast 500 when all around you is blue sky and sunshine? Well all this amazing weather is so tempting but I can’t take my usual trips about the west and north. I have though been on someone else’s blog ‘All things Bright and Beautiful’ (thank you Debbie Ross) which pretty much describes how the countryside is looking right now. Then I remembered Helmsdale in Sutherland at this time of year. The hill above it will be covered in bright yellow gorse flowering from the top right down to the village beneath. It is one of those sights that makes you stop, pull over to the side and just take a moment. The coconut smell that emanates from it transports you to other warmer paradises over the oceans. But I would rather be here or really driving through Helmsdale to be more precise enjoying the show. If I look really hard I can just about make out the golden glow from my window as I write this. Perhaps though that is just wishful thinking. To give you a blas (please note without the (à) that gives it a different meaning) or taste of what I mean the photo at the top is taken from my window. Not nearly enough gorse as up over the firth but a sprinkling at least. If I had to choose between daffodils or gorse; gorse would win out each time. It glows luminous in the sun and the smell becomes almost over powering then just when you are thinking how amazing and bonnie nature is, it pricks you hard from its thorny branches. I love that balance between nice and watch out. If you ever get a chance to see that golden glow reigning over Helmsdale in spring take it. It is breath-taking.

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