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Consider the daffodils

You can never get enough daffodils. There is always room to squeeze in a few more. I am considering this picture taken only yesterday while watching the snow out of the corner of my eye racing past the window today.

With the weather turning wintery again I thought I would share this with you as a reminder of just what a bonnie spring day can look like.

My eyes sweep from cheerful yellows on the screen to a strange orange-tinted sky. I can barely make out the Sutherland Mountains today.

It is cold, wet and bitter. Not that inviting snow you want to sledge in. More the sort that stings your face and melts wetly onto your clothes.

But I know there are joyful colours hidden under it all in the garden. Despite the blanket of snow, spring has erupted in purple and yellow across the landscape. Any storm or bad weather wouldn’t be here for long.

I took special note of the gorse which threatens to burst into bloom when I was walking yesterday and wondered how my characters in Blàs would have fared in this strange year.

Auntie Lottie would have found it difficult not to be able to visit her many friends around the Highlands. She would have missed the ceilidhs and parties. Would she have managed to stay optimistic through the lockdowns?

Mary would have been in seclusion because of her age if nothing else. The loneliness of not mixing with the younger generation would have been hard. I suspect Ellen would have bubbled with her to make it easier for them all.

At least Old Tam and Shep would have Morag for company when she wasn’t delivering babies that is.

What would have happened to Maureen? How could she spread all the news around the area when stuck inside? I think she would have found a way.

Stroma would have missed her little sister Iona. Perhaps they could have fitted in a trip together during the summer, I would like to thinks so. Stroma would definitely have missed working with all her Gaelic groups and the local Development Trust.

Scott, no doubt would have made sure everyone was up and running with the right technology to stay in contact with each other and Paul of the Sheds would have probably spent the time rebuilding and renovating all his outbuilding and huts.

It has been difficult for all communities but like others, my fictional Blàs would have survived. They would have pulled together and supported each other. Still finding the time despite the restrictions to rejoice in moments of laughter and daft outcomes. Like us, they would now be enjoying this respite into spring.

I’m looking forward to the return of warmer more friendly spring weather after this hopefully, the last blast of cold. More colour and blooms will return with vigour. My wee seedling will get their first outing. As for the daffodils, well, they will have had their display for this year. But I am already planning where to put some more.

Anyway, I can already see a little flash of red. The next blaze of colour is tentatively pushing its way forward. The daffodils will have to move over and let them through. Here’s to a hopeful spring and warm and rosy summer.

I’m almost finished editing the next Blàs book, Roots in the Soil and have started the third story with my characters. I’m hoping like the spring flowers, readers will never have enough of these lovable characters.

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