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Cathedral of Trees NC 500

I did try , I really did but I couldn’t resist this avenue of trees. I often wonder when I see branches intertwined over head like this, if people in by gone ages took their inspiration for their big churches and other places of worship from the natural world. You only have to look up to the rafters in these old building to remind yourself of the woods and forests outside and how they weave and interlace together in similar patterns; binding everything and everyone together. You can almost feel the sap rising when you walk in woods and forests at this time of year. It is very spiritual in its own way. Then the heat of the sun burns in. Why is it when we have really hot weather my mind races to the end of the year and winter? I suspect I am not alone in this; although my thoughts jumping around like summer butterflies is my normal state. Which may explain why I have a slogan usually heard in December flirting in and out of my brain right now. You know the one ‘a dog is for life and not just for Christmas’. Well trees are the same. Not just to decorate once a year but to enjoy each season, each day is you can. At this time of year as the yellow starts to fade and the lime green has passed we move into the fresh thriving green. In autumn we have the brilliant russet, reds, oranges, and browns. Then the dark shadows as branches silhouette against winter skies. If we are lucky icicles will form on this corridor of trees above and it will become a breath-taking snow covered tunnel. Maybe I should start a new slogan ‘trees are for life….’ I think I’ll just leave it there…..

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