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Blue Bells NC 500

This is where I should be today. The Big Burn Walk or as some old Bodach said to me once; ‘aye it was called the Fairy Glen before this.’ I think most areas in Scotland have one of these fairy glens, fairy woods, fairy lochs or even a few fairy trees in them. It is strange to think that at one point in history these places were regarded as magical, then fearful as our fairies were nothing like the Disney versions; then (and don’t tell Tinkerbell) there was a period of ‘there are no such things as fairies.’ Many places lost their old names and the tales that surrounded them. How ironic that nowadays we are reinventing our woods and walks again. Adding in little fairy houses and boxes whilst images of small fairies line the paths where young children walk. And it is magical for them. But how much more magical is nature itself that creates for us this brilliant blue spectacle every year that we can enjoy (whether we believe in fairies or not). For me the Big Burn Walk in Golspie has it all. The burn of course, the Blue Bells and the many wild flowers that follow, the trees, some old and craggy some green and young, the wildlife, the waterfalls, especially the one that runs with the rainbow in spring and icicles in winter, the bridges and the rocks you trail around. It is not just the Blue Bells that draw me back time and again; it is the magic of nature that keeps me spellbound to it. You will all have your favourite Blue Bell walk I imagine but the Fairy Glen or the Big Burn Walk whatever you want to call it, is truly enchanting every day.

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