Blàs, Roots in the Soil      

ISBN 978-0-9932540-9-3
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Where whimsical is a way of life
Who said the Scottish rural Highlands were quiet?

From illicit alcohol to a ‘bad luck’ skull, old traditions to child eco-

warriors; Stroma and her quirky community must find a way to save what they love

Add in a TV series, an overabundance of apples, and the long-standing rivalry with the next village, life on the North Coast 500 doesn’t sound so gentle after all.


Will Stroma and her delightful friends manage to maintain their way of life and keep hold of their beloved forest? Or will their woods be destroyed forever?


Follow the villagers as they struggle, laugh, and celebrate in the beauty that is the Scottish Highlands

"A charming Highland tale full of community, warmth and some wicked comedy"


"The charming Highland village of Blàs and its colourful residents are presented to us in a series of escapades involving all-knowing village women, gossip, cake and ceilidhs. When a magical local woodland is threatened, the villagers join forces to protect it, as they have protected their local school, housing, and all the vital components of a very special way of life. In this novel, CC Hutton gives us a remarkable, and wonderfully comic, insight into the best of the Scottish Highlands."

Jane MacKenzie author of the Catalonia trilogy and Tapestry of War

Blàs of the Highlands 

ISBN Paperback  978-0-9932540-5-5

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One heart-warming year, one offbeat community.


"A gentle ride through the highland year sure to charm anyone with a taste for quirky, idiosyncratic human stories."

Humour is never far way Barbara Henderson

Enjoyable and uplifting Alex MCKeachan

Heartwarming Sarah Lumb

Excellant Read chicklitlifer

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About the Author

C C Hutton spent many years as a Gaelic Development Officer working around the spectacular North Highlands of Scotland. Her experiences inspired her to write Blàs of the Highlands. Blàs, Roots in the Soil followed. The third as yet untitled Blàs story will be out in 2022.  She also writes Gaelic Children’s books under the name Ceitidh Hutton. Grumpa agus an Latha Fuaimneach, won best young children’s book of the year 2019 at the Royal National Mod. She was short-listed in the 2020 Gaelic Literacy Awards for an unpublished story. She is registered with the Scottish Book Trust Live Literacy Programme and is the secretary of the Society of Authors, Scotland as well as a member of ALLI. 

She is both dyslexic and has dyspraxia, so be aware if blethering about books and drinking tea, the cups may go flying. When not writing she can be found walking dogs, taking part in book events, workshops, and school visits. She still promotes Gaelic when she can.

 She can be contacted on the contact page on the site or through her social media.