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World Book Day

World Book Day: Still working on getting Grumpa on audio for parents so hopefully next year he will be on this list. This is taking for ever, ho hum.

Gaelic Bookbug this week had a lovely visit from the Sgoil Araich (Gaelic nursery) it was great fun engaging with the children, parents and staff: I love it and hopefully that love and enjoyment of books will spark a little something in the children too.

That got me thinking about the pressure in terms of time and expense put on parents in a working week to find the energy to produce costumes ready for the bairns on this day. If the parents are feeling overwhelmed about this what message could this be saying to their children about books apart from what a pain in an already busy week? From what I have seen a lot of the characters represented are mostly from films anyway. I know firstly they have to be from books but not every child necessarily knows this. So I am giving a big SHOUT out to parents for the effort they all put in and an even bigger one to a Highland Primary School about to undergo an inspection but has still taken the time to think this through and asked children to come in PJ’s if they want instead of a character. What a great idea. Most bairns have PJ’s or all-in-ones. Hopefully most families can achieve this without expense or effort. No looking to buy or making something suitable. And what is better than a bedtime story when you are little. Often that is where the love of books starts from, snuggled ready for bed and having a story told or read to you.

On this cold, bonnie, sunny blue sky, book day I wish you all a great read.

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