Blàs of the Highlands is the first story about this quirky highland community. The next Blàs book will be out in 2021 where you can catch up with Stroma and her friends. 

A new Grumpa book is well under way.  For families of younger children a lovely picture book is being developed right now especially for you. 

Blàs of the Highlands

ISBN 978-0-9932540-5-5                                         Paperback

Stroma, is a hard-working 30 year old Highlander who lives in Blàs, a small quirky rural village on the North Coast 500. Her passion: to save her language and culture from dying out. It also plays a large part in her everyday job as she travels around the region. However, it is not only her culture that is under threat, it is Blàs itself, as it struggles to retain its population. Into the tide of people leaving strides Auntie Lottie, returning home to stay. She stirs it around, juggles it up and generally lives, works and plays given the chance. Lottie's return strengthens her friendship with Ellen an old school pal of Stroma's late mother and Maureen a fountain of local news. Mary in her 80s completes this intergenerational friendship. Full of humour, the story follows the women through the first year of Auntie Lottie's return with Stroma's life being the most affected by her arrival. Follow their highs and lows, their festivals and celebrations, their laughter and their tears in this lovable community. 

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Winner of Leabhar Na Bliadhna (Clann) at the Royal National Mod 2019
Grumpa agus an Latha Fuaimneach

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